Founded in 1997, Hans Dairy is one of the largest Ontario businesses that specialize in South Asian dairy products. From the very beginning, our mission is to offer dairy products that provide our customers with a little taste of home. Mr. and Mrs. Hans immigrated to Canada and found themselves with limited options for food that was part of their upbringing in a little village in India. They wanted to give back to the community that welcomed them to their new home and soon found a demand from the growing ethnic community that was not being met.

Mr. and Mrs. Hans took it upon themselves to create authentic Indian products that tasted just like the food they grew up with. To start, they were the first to ever make Dahi in Canada, an Indian style yogurt and they soon followed this up with a strong Indian influenced product line consisting of Lassi, a yogurt drink; Kheer, a rice pudding; and Makhan, a whipped butter. Hans Dairy’s latest authentic products include a fruit flavoured yogurt line available in five local and exotic fruits catering to various palettes. Hans Dairy began supplying the Greater Toronto Area and with their daughters at the helm of the business, they have grown to meet the demand all across Ontario.

With over two decades of service, Hans Dairy has developed a strong reputation and relationship with the community. We thrive on customer satisfaction thus giving us the motivation to provide the best quality and most authentic dairy products on the market.