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Wait, Full Fat Dairy is Back?

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The anti-fat rhetoric that scared consumers away from products containing fats has taken another blow. Continued research into the consumption of fats has uncovered what many have believed (and hoped) for years: fats aren’t all bad.

According to dietitians, consumption of full-fat dairy products can be part of a healthy diet. While diet programs have previously shunned the intake of dairy in an effort to lose weight, experts have discovered that people who consume full-fat dairy are more successful in their weight loss quest. Click To Tweet

What About Heart Disease?

Previous studies regarding the consumption of full-fat dairy scared consumers away from dairy by linking the fats found in dairy to cardiovascular disease. New studies, however, have shown that the link between the two may be less clear than previously indicated. Foods, particularly dairy products, are made up of a mix of both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Kept in balance, these acids can have a neutral or even positive effect on an individual’s health.

In fact, long-term studies show that a balanced diet of both saturated and unsaturated fats can have a positive effect on cardiovascular health. Dairy can be beneficial in combating diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndromes. Nutrient rich dairy provides health benefits that can help combat health issues, as well as provide needed energy.

So, can you have ice cream for breakfast? Not exactly. The secret to enjoying full-fat dairy lies in moderation. Balancing a morning beverage of full-fat dairy with a serving of low-fat yogurt can help you keep your calorie and nutrient intake in check.

What’s Next for Dairy Producers?

As consumers look for products to support their diet plans, foods that are high in protein and low carb will continue to grow in demand. Dairy producers looking to expand their product lines can offer products that meet the changing flavour interests of consumers, enticing new customers to try dairy and bringing dairy lovers back to the dairy aisle. Expect to see unexpected flavours in dairy products such as sweet or savory ghee or coconut-butter filled chocolates for example.

How Can Retailers Encourage Consumers to Rethink Dairy?

With new flavours entering the marketplace, it’s a great time to attract attention to the dairy aisle.

  • Host a “Dairy Fair” to allow shoppers to sample new products.
  • Highlight new products through end-cap displays, a case dedicated to new products and special signage that leads consumers to finding products they may have overlooked in the past.
  • Offer cooking demonstrations using new flavours, and include recipes in your email newsletters that help shoppers know how to use new products, or re-appreciate old favorites.
  • Reintroduce consumers to the versatility of cheese, the usefulness of yogurt and the robust flavour that comes from using whole milk.
  • Help educate consumers about the health benefits of full-fat dairy products through product signage and labels.
  • Print “Did You Know” facts on receipts, share tips and info on social media or design t-shirts that promote dairy products for employees to wear.

Be creative. Today’s consumers are inundated with information. Using creativity can catch consumer’s attention and inspire them to try something new can only improve your grocery retail bottom line.

Sarab Hans is Director of Sales & Marketing for Hans Dairy

Founded in 1997, Hans Dairy is one of the largest Ontario businesses that specialize in South Asian dairy products.